Does your BFM/ACM need reviving? Or are you a veteran looking for a challenge? Enter the BFM/ACM Clinic, where we cater to both ends of the spectrum. Upon entering and reading over our merge and server rules, please head over to the Roles text channel to self-declare your BFM skill level and the country you are in (which will help you to fight with people in similar time zones to you).

To find someone at your skill level to fight, use the @ tags above, e.g. @intermediate, in the Looking for Fights text channel. The server is now at over 265 pilots, so it shouldn’t take long for someone to get back to you.

One more thing, please keep an eye on the Upcoming Events text channel for things such as Pilot X vs. The World and our regular 1 v 1 BFM competition. All past streams can be found in the appropriate text channel if you want to sit back with a coffee and learn BFM by osmosis or just watch with a critical eye!

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