Man, what a time to be involved in the combat flight simming community. There is so much stuff going on that I’ve literally had to pick up my stripy pen to start making notes (glad that Eagle notebook is on the way, Billy).

Right, let’s get cracking. First, thanks to Moltar for bringing me over to the DCS World Events team as a caster and major contributor. I’m having a blast commentating SATAL every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday with Moltar and Le Moustache.

Head over to Wild Weasel

Within minutes of Moltar and I ceasing to kick each other in the balls following Folds of Honor, he had me throwing money at green screens, mics and lights. Fair play, he did warn me that he has a power over people to make them spend money.

So what’s all this “major contributor” business then, I hear you ask. Well, running “The BFM/ACM Clinic” means that I get to come into contact with varied and interesting people. People like Slick1212 and Guido1212, both former F-15C pilots in the USAF.

This Sunday (10/18) at 1500Z I’ll be interviewing Slick, giving DCSWE and Clinic members the chance to put your questions to a bona fide Eagle Driver.

From the Clinic side of the house we are expecting lots of questions about the Eagle in BFM/ACM and then some more varied questions from the rest of the community. Grab your coffee and let’s go! Head over to my Twitch, follow/sub and enjoy.

The following Saturday (10/24) marks the debut of our brand new 1 v 2 ACM comp (with a few twists), Pilot X vs The World. The event will be streamed the next day, Sunday 10/25 at 2000Z. For those who would like a chance to register for The World team, head over the Clinic discord and be quick to register before all ten places disappear.

Once Plaiskool, a former Rafale pilot in the French military, finishes up as Pilot X #001 around 2200Z Guido1212 and I will be joined by Ace (Sungho), winner of Folds of Honor 2020 for a chat about his upcoming fight with AI Falco thanks to Heron Systems.

There’s a metric tonne of stuff going on behind the scenes at the moment to make DCS World Events the home of all things Competitive DCS. Athena |Merlin aka Billy aka Le Moustache and I are working hard with Moltar to get the new website cooking, we’re working on exciting new comps and ladders and some other stuff that I would tell you but then…See you guys this Sunday for the chat with Slick. o7

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